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    In pursuit of excellence throughout every phase of investment.
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    A flexible investment
    focus where capability and speed of response are key.
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    The only way to do a good job is to love what you do.
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We don’t invest in industries; we invest in promising projects led by the finest management teams.

Nowadays, when the impact of globalization and new technologies cannot be underestimated, we at Vannilo are looking to give our projects maximum value by integrating the latest innovations the market has to offer.

Business Areas

Vannilo covers two separate lines of business activities:

Real Estate Investments

We invest primarily in distressed residential properties with big discounts in market value and big potential for value recovery in the Community of Madrid and the Costa del Sol.

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Corporate Investments

We invest in ambitious, forward-looking companies that have a proven track record and are or could become leaders, with a view to earning yields consistent with the risk involved.

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A flexible investment focus where
of response are key

We adjust our strategy to keep pace with the market.
There’s no minimum or maximum investment percentage for either of our business areas, so we are better able to adapt to market movements.

Flexible investment thanks to our active management.
We’re known for our highly active investment management style, which enables us to react faster to changes in real market time.

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Why do we invest in Spain?

You don’t have to go far afield to find the best investment opportunities.

1. Search.

We search the market for the best investment opportunities, concentrating mainly on those projects that meet our investment criteria.

2. Execution.

We only invest in those projects that have passed a painstaking study and proved themselves to have high potential for success.

3. Monitoring.

We strive for full transparency, managing each project actively, with the goal of ensuring that the strategies set out for each case are implemented.

4. Return.

We analyse the return on investment and compare it with our target to see what decisions to take with respect to each particular investment.

Smart Investments in the National Market.

If you’d like to learn more about our investment criteria, please contact us.

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