The Company

Trust. Integrity. Honesty.

Vannilo, is a family investment firm located in Madrid. Our main business areas are corporate investments and real estate investments, especially in the Community of Madrid and the Costa del Sol.

Our investment philosophy is based on protecting capital through painstaking project selection and analysis, so as to enhance the security and profitability of our investments.

We are a very creative, flexible firm whose hallmark is our capability and speed of response. This is thanks to the fact that we have behind us the trust and resources of our investors, who are looking for co-investment opportunities led by us, thus enabling us to tackle more and bigger projects.

Principles on Which to Base a Solid Relationship with Our Clients.


To be an investor that society values, thanks to in-depth analysis of our future investments, relying on the finest of specialists, who can sniff out coming market trends, and to provide active, responsible asset management.


One of Vannilo’ objectives is, through the pursuit and ongoing study of new investment opportunities, to generate reliable, attractive returns that enable us to keep growing and work with the best partners and investors on the market.


Vannilo’ values are oriented toward helping us reach our objectives. Here are our values:

Excellence and Innovation
We strive to improve the quality of all our processes by integrating the latest technologies and innovations, so we can give our projects maximum value.

In each of our activities we uphold a reliable method of work that links our brand with synonyms such as quality, excellence and sustainability. The commitments we make stand firm throughout all our business areas.

Transparency and Honesty
We feel a firm has the obligation to be honest with its partners, investors, clients, associates and competitors, and the obligation to provide full transparency, since both honesty and transparency are vital if a firm is to earn itself a good reputation.

Social Conscience
We believe every firm should help improve living conditions in its home area or encourage initiatives that make a positive contribution to community life.

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